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Computer Science and hobbies


New Member
Hello lads, this is a query about how to juggle hobbies (turning into professional studies) and education. Currently I'm only interested in two things: Computer Science and Music Production. Both were narrowed down around last year and both are great hobbies of mine. But I would like to turn them into professionalism and get a job centered around either of them.

Currently I'm at my GCSEs, currently sitting them, and will hopefully be taking A-levels that act accordingly with my hobbies, so Maths, IT, Music and English language. But here comes the problem, I'm not very good at Maths, to the point they might not even allow me to take it :)(), and without it I will be unable to go into a Computer Science course in University.

So my question is, would it be a good idea to take a Sound Engineering/Production course at University instead, and continue to learn Programming languages at home (self-teaching)? Because I really want to be a programmer out of the two, it will surely get me a more stable job and workflow. But I'm unable to receive further teaching and a degree to prove my skills. Which makes me sad.

So, does anyone know a good way to juggle these two hobbies? Is self teaching more effective than going to University and getting a degree? Are there any other ways to take a Computer Science course without Maths?

Thanks for reading and I will appreciate the feedback.


New Member
wow this is amazing becuase you exactly like me lol. i have just finished my college (a levels) about 2 weeks ago. im really into technology and computers so i have gone for computer science however i am also really into music and have had a dream to be a producer. before loggin on to these forums i was producing some beats on flstudio. i am also not good at maths and i have a odd feeling that i failed my A-level maths exam - not becuase i couldnt do it but becuase i was unsure whether i will even go uni so my focus on revision went. but i can understand how you feel.

my advice would be look at university prospectuses and get in touch with the unis. there are always open days to attend. there is no straigt answer on what you can do becuse there are so many options and uni courses. you may be able to find a computer science/sound engineering as a joint.

im going to do computer science in uni and music at home i feel music production/ or making music requires more creativily and practice than computer science which require much harder study.


Aw, Here It Goes!
I understand where you're coming from with your dislike of math. But unfortunately it is a part of the requirement for the degree and depending on what you want to do with your degree you may just need higher such as being a game programmer. I would suggest you get your CS degree at a university while teaching yourself various languages and doing music in your spare time. Who knows maybe later on down the line you could develop a program that makes producing music even simpler.