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Computer Pet Peeves....GRRRRR


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When I am typing something long and my computer decides to freeze just for the kicks.

When the computer restarts by itself.


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Nothing is more annoying than my laptop...

On the surface it is the perfect computer for me, however, deep down it is evil. Yes... EVIL!

Let this just be a warning... Rant ahead!

It happens to be the only computer in the house that'll make my Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector work properally, and it's also the only computer that is exclusively mine that will read my iPod, camera, and will play games without crashing.

So it's pretty special to me, right? Well yeah... When it works. Lets just say I got it almost exactly one year ago with my graduation money. I had full intent on using it in college... but... In the first semester, it only worked maybe 2 weeks.

The first problem that happened was it got a negative screen... I have no idea how that happened, but after months of seeing if my dad or friends could fix it we finally decided to send it in... It takes a long time to get it done (two months, I believe.), and they tell us the problem is unfixable so they're going to give us a whole new one that's actually better...

That was a lie. We got it back... Just a while after I got it, we went IHOP, and I thought I'd go online and instal some things like FireFox, but no... It tells me my Vista code is "invalid" and tells me that it I may be a victim of "pirating". It than proceeds to not let me even look at anything on my computer other than that little pop-up telling me I need to get it worked out...

So we take it to a local shop... They fix it up... Than it happens again. This has probably happened at least 5 times since. It just won't stop, and it has made me really pissed off every single time.

It was not useful for my freshman year of college at all. Also, I'm using it right now... and I'm just counting the days until it does it again and makes me install everything all over again.. >_>

I had other things I wanted to buy (or at least save the money for) with that money... I went for the laptop because it would help me with college... All it has been is a huge problem.

I must warn anybody here. Never, ever, buy an HP laptop.
HP computers are gay. I've never heard anything good about them.


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It always makes my connection lost each time i signed in to msn. And it also keep on slowing down the system..:shifteyes: And i mean really s..l..o..w..:sigh:
So irritating..:mad:


HP computers are gay. I've never heard anything good about them.
gay is not an insult.

onto the real topic at hand:
i rely on my screen saver and password to lock my computer at night. but lately, my screen saver is not coming up. so i darken my screen, go to sleep, wake up the next morning, brighten my screen again and i see my desktop when i am supposed to see a login screen. WHAT GIVES?
that really bugs me >.<


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Pretty much, Vista. Lag on games is a drag too. But vista is that overprotective mother. Always asking me if I want to allow an obviously secure program. (i.e photoshop)


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-Typing a paper or something and accidently hit the insert key then go back later to add something and it writes over and deletes part of what i wrote