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Computer parts on ebay, good and bad experiences please


Registered Member
I have been deliberating buying a new moniter on ebay and the prices are crazy good, but i am always looking for the catch and would like some feedback to peoples personal experiences getting computers and computer parts from ebay. TY.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi ya.

I have bought 1 laptop 2 MP3 players, video games and an E-Book and all was good.
I would say that I only purchase electroincs from sellers with 100% positive feedback only.
I also read their feedback to make sure there is no feedback padding.
And last but not least
I would only buy from sellers that have a 30 day return on all their computer componets and parts that they sell.

The only thing I wouldn't buy on ebay is reconditioned parts or componest.


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Monitor might be good when they send it but the couriers might no treat the package well and you could end up with a damaged item.As Nightsurfer said check out the return policy.If you have to pay for return shipping it may cost you more in the long run.