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Computer Industry Employment/Education Question...


New Member
At this moment in my life I have to decide which education path to take and I would like some outside opinions.

If it was up to you to hire a new network administrator for your company which candidate would you choose:

Candidate A :
A.A.Sc. Computer Information Technology, A.A.Sc Networking Technology, MCSE, CCNA, Network+


Candidate B:
B.S. Computer Science, MCSE, CCNA, Network+

Would you choose the one with two 2-year degrees or the one with the 4-year degree?


New Member
The certs would not mean that much to me. I would go with the most experience in the field and settle for a MCP and A+ possibly.

There is too much weight put on certs. People who are great at test past the test, but still cant maintain a workgroup.


New Member
Absolutely agree with Jeveryday, experience is what matters, of course with good references. Thats my opinion. but unfortunately not many employers share our opinion, and they would still rather take someone fresh from college and with few cert's that someone who has 10 or more years experience in the field of work. At least that's how things are going in my country.


Registered Member
In my country, there are too many people in the computer field right now (at least my field of programming). There are just not enough jobs for everyone. So the people with less experience don't get the chance to get more experience.