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Computer Graphics vs. Traditional Art


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What I like about computer programs with paint is that you don't make a mess at all. Even better: you can undo your mistake and try it again:nod:. You even have options to darken the brightness a bit.

For regular paint, it's very messy; but it can be used as practice if you want to do something professional in the arts. :nod:
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It's not that hard to 'fix' some mistakes while painting. Granted it's not as easy as a PC but the two certainly require slightly different skillsets if you ask me.


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I think that a mistake in certain art forms, like sculpting, can ruin an entire piece. If you make an error in a 3D application you can easily fix it. I can also see how a drawing or painting can be ruined by errant brushstrokes. It would be easier to fix on a PC but there's an inherent beauty to works of art created by hand.