Computer freezes up while on the internet

I am really good with computers as I have been programming and messing with computers since the days of the ATARI 800 and 5¼" floppy drives and I still have mine.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I consider myself an 8 but........

My computer seems to freeze up while I am on the internet and I am at a loss to figure out why ??

I am hoping for an quick or easy fix as I do not want to re-install windows if I can avoid it as I have do that before with no trouble.

My computer specs are as follows

HP pavilion 6835
30 GB hard drive
319 MB RAM
Windows ME <-- yeah I know not a good OS but it seems to run well for me
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Has the computer always done this, because some operating systems have always just not worked well with todays internet connections or you could possibly have a virus, I remember having a virus on my windows 98 and it wouldn't let me on the internet and the computer was on automatic active desktop recovery. Possibly you have a setting wrong.

Internet Explorer or Firefox?

On todays fast connections it's definitely possible on any browser that it is taking up too much ram for your computer to be able to run properly I have this problem on a 688mb of ram system that I have to the point where the browser doesn't even open anymore but back when it did run the computer froze up all the time even just on the google homepage, and this computer is not my windows 98 computer, this thing had Windows XP home edition and it still didn't run the browser correctly.
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Well, your computer doesn't look too strong, it could just be major work for your computer to surf the web. Dave said virus, but spyware, malware and bad cookies could be holding you back. You should clean out your internet cache and run a scan with a recommended program, like AdAware or Spybot: S&D. Although, I'd strongly suggest trying to get a new desktop as they're relatively cheap these days for a strong one.

You may be an 8 out of 10 when it comes to computers, but your computer is looking at about a 2 out of 10.


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Is the computer in room temperature? Take it out of the freezer so that it can thaw out. Take Constatine's word and clear out your cache.
I do run all the scans weekly like AVG, *AdAware, Spy *Subtract, *Spybot, Registery Mechanic and CrapCleaner.....
* found adware and/or spyware and deleted all.

You may be an 8 out of 10 when it comes to computers, but your computer is looking at about a 2 out of 10
Agreed but in time I will get a new machine but for now this one will have to do and I plan on getting some more RAM in a few weeks

I also just added an clear cache button to my FireFox browser.......
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If you're running those scans weekly, then it seems most likely it's your computer.

Any possibility of it being your internet connection?
Hm. So, are you using a wireless access point? ..And can you get to the event- viewer on ME? Maybe there's some service hanging up in the background. ..Or maybe some plugin is having problems loading. Quicktime, realmedia or shockwave. If there's some codec or different version you installed lately, for example..


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Your computer is starting to age pretty good, its slower than my last two machines and I got rid of the oldest one four years ago. I'd be looking to replace it soon.


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Man your computer is definitely in need of some serious upgrades, I mean keep the case maybe the monitor and replace everything else, I'm surprised that your computer even runs firefox my computer takes up about 512 mb of ram just to run firefox by itself, but it is also insanely fast. For around $600 you can get a much much better computer (though it still would not be great by todays standards), I would consider trying to get rid of your old one and getting a new one possibly even building your own just to make it cheaper i know that it costs a lot less to get a new computer if you put it together yourself but you have to know what you are doing.