Compulsive Hoarding


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Do any of you do this?

It's something I've been guilty of for a while now. Just collecting loads of stupid items and never getting round to throwing anything out.

My parents keep bugging me about tidying the garage out but I'm scared of spiders so I won't go in there at all, so the junk keeps on building up.

I'm naturally tidy so nothing ever gets put in my room, it gets stored elsewhere.

Are you a natural hoarder?


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Yes, I would say that I am. I always collect stuff that I don't even have a use for and keep them, and I never want to throw them out. My parents also nag at me for keeping stupid stuff, but I just ignore it sometimes :lol:
I wouldn't say I was complusive, but yeah, I had so much random stuff in my room. My dad also always gives me little things hes picked up from his travels because he knows I'll like it, which just makes it worse haha. But I actually spent a verry long time clearing it out this Tuesday. I kept quite a lot but it's well hidden now.


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nope I usually go on a couple rounds of tossing crap out every year. well now that I think about that maybe I do with books because I have tons of them but I refuse to let them go.


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Yep, stupid stuff as well, like letters, i'll keep them for months before throwing them out and i still have two boxes of Yugioh cards :lol:
I do a have a cupboard filled with junk that I clean out but some how fills up again. The struggle for neatness continues


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I do some hoarding too. I have a lot of stuff in boxes in my home that I probably won't use again. Stuff from high school, college and even stuff I got from past jobs. I try to be neat most of the time.


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I hate clutter, so I don't do much hoarding. I throw out, sell, or give away anything that I don't really need. The exception is items that have any sort of sentimental value. I have almost every card, letter, movie stub, etc., that I've ever received stored away in shoe boxes that are organized roughly by year. I've started throwing some of those things away too though as the collection has grown, but I make sure I get a picture of every item or a scanned copy before I do.


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OH yeah I'ma big pack rat. Most recently its been with the comic book collections of mine, lol its one of those things where I tell myself "Ok I'm going to buy this lot... keep the ones Im looking for and sell the others". But then when I get them, and I see their beautiful glossy covers... I cant bring myself to part :hah:

But yeah I do it with other things to. Probably the most strange thing I hoard is shoe laces. I dont know why I feel so compelled to give so much value to the standard used shoelace. But I've actually got a box full of shoe laces. When I go hiking I have about 6-7 sets of shoe laces in my pack. I believe thats where it started, I was out hiking one time and needed something to bind something, and turned out Shoe Laces were what I needed. So now I'm always hoarding Shoe Laces, but it doesnt stop there, I've got tons of other things to.


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I don't hoard at all pretty much. I still have stuff from when i was younger, but its not because i cant part with it, i just haven't got around to dealing with it. I don't keep silly things, i throw them out. If i know i won't use something i won't keep it. My sister is horrible for this and i always question why my parents let her keep useless things that will just sit on her floor taking up space.