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Babeasaurus Sex
As a nation we british are known for our complaining skills!

We have lines specifically used to complain through.

As a person, however, I dont really like complaining I would much rather have a small gripe and then get over it. I know people who claim back train tickets/theme park tickets(if a ride isn't working)

I know one person who wrote a rather nasty letter to a large soft drinks corporation and got a years worth of free drinks from them....

I never ask for compensation when I complain - I'd feel too cheeky!

How do you feel about complaining?


Registered Member
Eww-ish, did you have to ask this question?? ~LoL~
I complain.....mostly about trivial things.
Rush hour traffic.....people who ride my ass......long long lines at the food and shopping stores.
But in all truth, I don't think I complain anymore than the average person.
I don't throw a hissy fit if they don't have my favorite drink at the store..I just choose something else.
I'f it's not a biggie, I won't make a big deal out of it, but if it's a major thing.....I will most likely be on the phone complaining, or at least, letting my voice be heard :)


I'm serious
I'm with you on this one Kibster. I never complain to that extend. If I do complain, I will complain face to face, but more so to bring service failures to their attention. I would never accept compensation, unless it is really that bad, ie I am out of pocket by a lot of money because of it.

My two colleagues complain (by e-mail) about everything and get all sorts of things for free. I can't be arsed to be honest. :-/
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I think it is human nature to complain, no man is ever satisfied with the world around, or with himself. But the manner in which we express our perception of imperfection is very much in our control and we should, in that, try to make our criticisms land well. No one needs someone moping around doing nothing but 'complaining' all day (in the tedious sense of the word).

I think criticism is very important, if we were not critical of things and people around us and of ourselves, we would still be living in caves hunting wild animals for the survival of our species. If hadn't already gone extinct. Giving and receiving criticism, or feedback (since that is a more positive word) is an art, and a skill not many have mastered. But everyone should at least try to think and consider the way a criticism lands with the other person, before releasing the flood gates.

Lastly, the aim of complaining should be to better the person or object you are complaining to or about, not to gain profit in the form of money or a year's supply of free soda. The profit of complaining should be for everyone involved, people can better themselves or the things they create and that makes things better for all of us. Complaining can be a very social thing to do, when it is done right...
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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I complain, because like Diederick said it's humain nature to complain. With that said I don't do it often, and if I do it's usually for a good reason. I'll hardly complain about a product, if I do it's for a good reason. I never wrote a letter to a company that I wasn't satisfied with, and I honestly doubt that I'll ever do so.

Complaining can get very annoying at times, especially from people that do it often, and unfortunately I know a few of those people.


Well-Known Member
I complain, but I don't take it to the next level of actually making a formal complaint. Mainly because a lot of the time, what i'm complaining about can't be helped anyway, and i'm far too lazy to take the time to write a letter or email.


Babeasaurus Sex

CG I agree...if it s a matter of poor service then I'm straight in there but I only do it because I think bad service is a crime!

Imp I understand what you mean...letter writing is SO much EFFORT!!! lol


Supreme System Lord
I'm very similar to the majority in the shape that I have a quiet moan to myself or a friend/family member and that will be as far as I'll take it.

Normally I just can't be doing with the hassle and fuss of making an official complaint, for starters I haven't got the time and normally complaints are rebuffed anyway.

Of course, if I was a victim of gross misconduct or treated disgracefully then I would weigh up the options and potentially make a complaint, but that's never happened to me and I'm far too laid back to care!!!


It's not me, it's you.
I used to work at the complaint dept for the corporate office of a major retailer. Let me tell you...I hate complainers who only do it to get free stuff. I've been treated more poorly in that position than I ever was when I did warranty for $200k+ homes.

Sure, I complain. But I never could take it to the next level unless I was really getting boned and needed help resolving the situation.


Boom Boom Pow!
I seldom complain to shops etc. I can't even remember the last time I complained.

I don't like to do it because I feel bad, and having been in a customer service role myself and having been on the other end of it, I know how it feels to have a customer who is having a go at you or complaining to you about something and it's horrible, espcially if they are being rather nasty about it.

Complaining is all good and well but there is no need to be nasty about it, espcially when it's not the the person who your complaining to's fault.