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Comparing auctions


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I have a question about making ads on ebay that I think has an obvious answer, but I'm going to try anyways.

If you're making an ad for an item and you know that the item you're selling is being sold by other people for much more, then is there any way you can link to the other auction, list the number, or somehow draw the viewers attention to that other auction so they can see for themselves?

I imagine that you can't, but there has to be some way. The item/s I want to do this with are of the kind that are hard to find unless you're really looking. There's no way people are going to know on their own.


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well you can't link to someone else's auction but you know that already :D

my suggestion would be to just flat out say in your auction.....hey these go for alot more here on ebay do a search and find out for yourselves.....kinda thing...hmmm how would they find your auction if they didn't search for it? or maybe I missed the point LOL :-/ or maybe....even tell them to email you and you can direct them to that other auction ?


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You are allowed to mention that 'other sellers are auctioning this exact item for $$$ more' ... if you use another seller's specific name, it could be considered keyword spamming... however I dont think a few alt+print screens with the names blurred would hurt.


what? no pink?
come to think of it I have actually seen that done before. being legal or not I dunno, but I have seen people do that in their auctions


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Here we go then. I didn't even have to blur anything out with the pictures I took.


Hopefully now that I talked some sense into people, people will bid! (I know, I know, I'm a big bully... :-/ )

I had to do something though. These stupid garage sale priced bids are pissing me off! And that first one in my last auction ([EBAY]8267671914[/EBAY]) is a freaking online GAME STORE that I know would get my items and then try to turn around and sell them for a profit, the dirty [Mod edit]
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Hi all..I would advise against useing pics of other auctions..You can and will get your auction pulled..

As per eBay rules you maynot copy or post another sellers auction in yours.

The only thing you can say abought other sellers is, there are many sellers of the same product but mine is the lowest on eBay..

Keep checking eBays rules and regs..They just added new rules and changed a few..

Good luck...
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This might help a bit...........

eBay allows only the following types of links in a seller's item's description:

- One link to a page that further describes the item being sold in that listing
- One link to your email address that opens an email client for potential buyers to ask questions about items in your store.
- Links to photos of the item for sale
- Links to your eBay (including your eBay Store) or Half.com listings
- Links to your About Me page (in addition to the About Me icon already provided by eBay)
- One link to your listing terms and conditions (providing that the most relevant information is within the listing itself and that this page does not include any links off of eBay)
- Links that provide credits to third parties

If a logo is used for any of these links, it may be no greater than 88x33 pixels and it may not flash or otherwise move. (The exception to this guideline is links to a member's eBay or Half.com listings).

For more information on Inappropriate Links visit the following Help page:



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Well, it looks like screen shots of other auctions of the same item are verboten then. I guess that makes sense because unless you kept all the screen shots totally up to date, the prices bid may have changed on those other auctions and so it wouldn't reflect the current bid prices.

I think about the only thing you can do is set a reserve if you don't like your items going for so low, but that may affect your sales. Still, if you're not making money when someone buys your item, it's not good for sales either (if it happens too often that is) and you're not going to make a profit in the long run.

I was in the drug store the other day and some local merchant came in and wanted to buy out all their CDs of a certain artist and then sell them in his store just down the block for more money. He was actually up front about it and the pharmacy refused to sell them to him. Not that anyone was buying them anyway. If they were happy with the price they had set and he was willing to buy them all, I don't see why they didn't sell them to him even if he was going to try to sell them for a higher price. It's not as if they were going to raise the price themselves. That's kind of a tough call for me.