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Compare & Contrast Vista vs. XP


Son of Liberty
Now that both Vista and XP are generally widespread enough I believe a fair fight can be had. For those who have had the opportunity to have used Vista and XP, how would you compare them? What are the better changes in Vista? The worst? Functions or Features that XP had that Vista does not and vice versa? Then finally if you had 2 home computers at the tip of your fingers.... which would you use?

Please do not go with "Vista sucks, XP is better" :hah: I'm asking for some elaboration even if its just one simple change that you've noticed.... I'm just picking your minds a little on this topic.


Registered Member
I haven't messed with Vista and won't. Most of the people I hear talking about it claim it's almost as bad as the ME version and that is pretty pathetic. I honestly don't think naming it Windows 7 is going to trick everyone into thinking that VIsta has evolved and will be the next best thing out there.


Well-Known Member
The most major change that I disliked about Vista is the fact that it used up so many system resources, I mean come on what did they do that for, even with all the extra stuff that i hated such as Windows Sidebar turned off my Vista computer was at 20% CPU usage while when XP is just sitting it uses 2 or maybe sometimes op to 4% CPU usage. Additionally my Vista computer is much less stable than my XP computer, I am already starting to get the blue screen of death, I've had it twice in the past month.

With a computer with a much better processor I think that Vista uses way too many resources, it makes the computer slower overall for all tasks.

Though i haven't tried it I hear that gaming on Vista is terrible.

The way that they redid the setup of the OS (not the look but literally where certain important things are) made me kind of mad, they added all of these shortcut routes to places but they were completely unneccesary and it caused things that I liked to be moved.

But hey let's be fair Vista wasn't all bad they definitely had it right as far as PC protection goes. They also had support for an insane amount of RAM, and let's definitely not forget about DirectX 10 gaming though I think at this time is rather useless.

I am an XP Pro SP3 user.


Oh, poppycock.
I use vista and I like it. It does slow down my computer some, but I like the way it looks. That's the number one reason why, and it may be a bad one, but its still a reason none the less. I like the way I can flow from window to window. Its easier on the eyes. Performance wise? Yeah, my computer is a lot more protected, but its damn slow.


Registered Member
XP was pretty light and pretty basic, which is a good thing for an operating system. On the other hand vista has DX10 and runs basically the same as XP if your system is even powerful enough to make use of DX10. The big problem for me is the way vista allocates data to a partition. You have to know ahead of time how you want to partition your hard drives otherwise trying to install a second OS to dual boot just won't work (most of the time).

So if you are using your computer for gaming, which I do, vista is a good bet. I have vista business installed on this computer and with a speedy cpu, 4 gigs of RAM and an HD4870 it runs like a champ and really makes DX10 worth it.


Registered Member
Well in Vista, I like the graphical part of it, like the icons. The strt menu is good too, becasue it doesn't open seperate columns on everything.

The ReadyBoost thing is good too.

But it's terrible for gaming and installing oldish software on it.

I'd prefer to have XP, mainly becasue it's not as buggy and I can play more games easilier.