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Company to launch blood scented perfume


I ♥ Haters
Uh, this is so bizarre, you can't make shit like this up. Here's the full rundown:

Blood-scented perfume launched - Weird News - Canoe.ca

Sad part is that people will actually buy into this. :disbelief: Just wondering though, who's gonna be the spokeswoman for this perfume? GaGa?


I don't know what's worst, blood scented perfume or bacon scented perfume... Hmm... Both are equally cringe worthy.
who's gonna be the spokeswoman for this perfume? GaGa?


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That is just...weird. Who would actually want to smell like blood?

They article mentioned bacon scented perfume...that one sounds kinda interesting.


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I can not even imagine wearing something like this. But you are right Bubbles, people will buy it.


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I'm not too sure people will buy this - except for people who want to make their Halloween costume more realistic, or are just into gory stuff in general. But they probably wouldn't really be using it as a perfume.


still nobody's bitch
The thread title made me think of Skankgelina Jolie. She'd wear it


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Gives a new meaning to "I smell blood". The thing is, people don't usually release this unless they did some sort of feasibility study or have a target market willing to buy it. Either that or it's a publicity stunt and they don't really care about its sales.


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From all the forensics books I have read and other things I have learned, blood really has no 'smell', until it has started oozing from a dead body. Then the odor gets worse, the longer the deceased lays there, bleeding. But if you just cut yourself, prick yourself with something, blood has no real scent. This is probably another one of those silly ass stupid gimmicks.
Anyway, how are they going to get the blood? Start having people line up to donate? Or hang out in the morgue, hoping to get lucky?


Living in Ikoria
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This is just so strange...I keep thinking we'll hear that blood is one of the very slight undertones of the scent, underneath flowers and woods and etc.

Ysa - I'd really like to see that focus group in the feasibility study, lol.