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Companies buying out brands to cut down competition


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I know this could fall under a lot of categories, but it always bothered me when it came to video games.

My big one is obviously sports games. I had a huge problem whenever EA bought the rights to the NFL license so that Take-Two wasn't able to make an NFL game anymore. EA knew they would be run out of business because 2k had some of the best ideas when it came to sports games.

The V.I.P. system was one of my favorite things of all time. The ability to customize a house with your team was great.

2k in return, which I think it justifiable, bought the rights to the MLB license so that EA couldn't make anymore games as retaliation to the NFL license.

What do you guys think about these kinds of deals?

I think it was just a way for EA to have no more competition because 2k was coming out with such quality games and EA didn't want to seem like they were running out of ideas. NFL ESPN 2k5 was the best, and still one of the best football games of it's time.. and it still has more features then Madden 10.


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The quality of the games has nothing to do with it. In many ways neither is the competition.

Its business the aim is to secure the contract to the franchises that are going to make you the most money. Its not just sports games, film/TV spin offs, marvel comics or just the racing series with the licensed cars. Its not to disimilar to a TV channel buying the rights to air a sports game or film premier. The aim of the game is to get the potential custiomers coming to you.... and as often is the case.. highest bidder wins.