Common Sense Gun Laws


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People say that all the time and I don't know what it means. Last election Clinton said it and when pressed to explain she said like Australia. That's no common sense. That's confiscation.
But this:
Seems like common sense gun law to me. I'd be fine with a law that says you have to be 25 to buy an AR. I doubt it will make a difference, but maybe it will.


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I see people posting about those in Israel walking around with automatic rifles. They have restrictive laws.

Only a small group of people are eligible for firearms licenses: certain retired military personnel, police officers or prison guards; residents of frontier towns (in the West Bank and the Golan Heights) or those who often work in such towns; and licensed hunters and animal-control officers. Age requirements vary: 20 or 21 for those who completed military service or civil service equivalent, 27 otherwise, and 45 for non-citizens. Firearm license applicants must have been a resident of Israel for at least three consecutive years, pass a background check (criminal, health, and mental history), establish a genuine reason for possessing a firearm (such as self-defense, hunting, or sport), and pass a weapons-training course.[51] Around 40% of applications for firearms permits are rejected


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We already have commons senses gun laws we just need the FBI to do their job. More gun laws aren't going to help with that. So before we pass more gun laws maybe we should take a close look at the FBI and see what needs to be done there.

I would be okay making people wait until 21/25 to purchase a AR but I doubt that helps.


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We don't have common sense laws when children not allowed to drink or rent cars, who have mental problems, can legally buy assault rifles.


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My take on the topic is that when the gun amendment was made, it was a different time. So my question to you guys, since this is from the outside looking in, does the amendment still apply to this day? Weapons have evolved, society has changed, mindsets are different and what was prevalent back in those days might not be so much these days. In Australia, we have no such gun amendment and I do feel safer for that. To see school shootings happen is a travesty given it's nature and violence. I also feel it's too late to put a reform or make a gun law given how long the 2nd amendment has been around and people will not be happy with that change thus creating a much worse situation. Bit of a sticky situation.


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I think they were trying to do something similar with the drinking age. I thought they wanted to make a law that people needed to be 25 to drink alcoholic beverages or was that cigarettes? I don't know. It's one of the two. But you understand what I'm saying about the age of 25 law. Now they want to do this with guns. . I 'm ok if they want to make this a law..

It makes no sense why kids need to be carrying a gun around. In my opinion at least guns mostly should be left to the military, guards, and the police force.. Well i have not lived in dangerous cities either. Typically nowhere I lived need to own a gun to protect them self.

I once was taking a class in Tae Kwon Do. Realizing that, I wanted to go to Bally's fitness instead. . It's isn't to likely I'm going to get attacked in the areas I live. Because wherever I moved I do crime statistics of that area to make sure it is a safe place to live.. Still though it is not perfect. Yet percentage wise I'm mostly safe over all for severe attacks to need a gun or need to know marital arts. .

Besides I'm now vision impaired these days. . I have never heard of anyone attacking a blind guy with his girlfriend on the street. In my life guns don't mean anything at all.

In other people lives I can't really say. But I believe guns should remain on ones property only to protect your home in case of burglary. I don't think it's a good idea to carry a gun. It's like carrying your favorite brand of bottled water.. . Because you know someone may get mad and want to shoot someone for the wrong reason. Going to jail just because they were mad and not really for protection. Certain companies should hire security of course to keep the company safe including baseball parks of course.

So I agree with this law. But I also believe every gun owner need to have a criminal background check with finger prints and state ID. And anyone owning a gun that does not have these 3 things should go to jail. The guns will be taken away if they are caught again. They will have a greater punishment the next time. . And it will be a long time they will ever again see the outside of the jail bars.

Otis on Andy Griffith is the most privilege jailer around. He can check in an check out at any time.. and if life was like that lots of people would check in just to get free meals hahaha. America's jails today are so light in their punishments. It's easy getting free meals, TV, and weightlifting. Sometimes ping pong too. . Compare that to the Middle Eastern prison. Our prisons are like paradise to Middle Eastern type of prisons. They will punish you by whips and more things. Also to punish you by the law of the Koran to those counted that are under the the law of Sharia. If Patrick Henry were in prison today he would say. OK I have liberty. I don't need death. OK what's the next Republican program debate on TV? hahah.


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I cannot believe the people on Fox who advocate basically turning schools into prisons with security fences, armed guards and armed teachers. WTF?


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Sadly enough that's probably what's going to happen in the near future given the marches and rallies, and it's fox news so don't know if anyone takes them seriously in all honesty lol