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Let's say you're the commissioner of your favorite sports league for a day and you can make any changes you want. What changes would you make to improve your sport?

College football is my favorite sport, but I'll be the commissioner of the NFL since not many people here care about college. Here's what I'd do...

1. Get rid of commercials and media timeouts. They take up at least half of the time it takes to play a game and the players are just standing around doing nothing during that time, waiting to play again. If soccer, the most popular sport in the world, can get by without commercials, so can football.

2. Use the college clock rules where the clock stops temporarily after first downs. Also, don't run the clock after a player goes out of bounds (currently they only stop the clock in the last 2 minutes of each half, might be last 5 minutes of 2nd half).

3. No 2 minute warning.

4. Less pre-season games. Too many players get injured.

5. Enforce offensive pass interference more strictly. The offensive player shouldn't get away with more contact than the defensive player if they're both going for the same ball.

6. No spot foul for defensive pass interference. Sometimes it rewards offenses way too much when there was hardly any contact. Also, it assumes the offensive player would have caught the ball if there weren't any interference. That would be like offensive PI being a turnover, assuming the defensive player would have made an interception. Retarded.

7. Use the college numbering system. If a defensive lineman wants to wear a single-digit numbered jersey, who cares?

I'm sure I'll think of more, but that's all for now.


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This is a really hard choice for me because College Football and the NFL are both my favorites, but since you did the NFL, I'll go with College. By the way, I agree with all of you're changes.

But anyways...

1) I'll start with the biggest change that I would make.

In my opinion, the Division 1 Football System just isn't fair after the regular season. Who wants to see same teams in the National Championship every year?

A playoff would be much better. Do it like College Basketball.

Have each Conference have their Conference Championship.

Than you take the Winner of their conference and the Loser, Seed them 1 and 2 and have them take on their counterparts, however that may be set up. They could set it up, the Conference with the Best Record takes on the Conference with the worst records Winner and Loser. However.

...and they can go on from there until It's down to 2.

2. If a Playoff wouldn't work, than at least fix the rankings.

If #5 Ohio State loses to #1 USC and drops to #13, why is it when #1 USC loses to unranked Oregon State, why did they only drop to #9? Why? Becaues they're USC.

I would fix the rankings.

I know I don't have many fixes, but these are my 2 main concerns right now..

To add on to your NFL one, I would like Overtime to be like Colleges, instead of Sudden Death. It's not fair for the team who loses the toss if the other team kicks a field goal and wins without them getting the oppurtunity.


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If I'm head of FFF (Fédération Française de Football) or why not go bigger like FIFA, I'm going to allow video refereeing. I can't believe why they haven't done that yet. It's not like it's impossible to do, logistically speaking. Rugby games already have it. And they shouldn't complain about costs eithe. The federation makes so much money!

I just don't like to see teams winning matches with all the rumor and doubts of a biased or mistake in refereeing that could have otherwise been avoided if video refereeing was in place.