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Commercial Driver's License (CDL)


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I've considered getting my CDLs for some time now to open up the possibility of new jobs to me. The cost is reasonable (around $3k last time I checked) and you can get your license in as little as two weeks. The company near me also deals with trucking companies (national and local) to help you get a job as soon as you're finished getting your license.

My question to GF, and specifically GF'ers with CDLs or experience with them, is it worth it?

If you don't have experience would you consider going that route?


Free Spirit
Staff member
With some companies to use their work vehicles requires a CDL like UPS. So even if your not wanting to drive a 18 wheeler and be gone for days it could be worth it. If your interested in that type of work, if not maybe it wouldn't be.