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PC Games Comment on my Steam Games


Just out of curiosity, here are all the games in my Steam library. I'm interested in what people think. Whether I have some good games that are some of your favourites or whether they are all just crap, either way I don't mind.



Mark ov teh Pond
You get started off on Steam via the Orange Box? Good call.

Audiosurf - is all right. There are a lot of those type of games popping up now.

Blur - I don't know, I don't play racing games. Looks pretty though.

Darksiders - On my Wishlist.

Deathspank - Done by the same dudes who did Torchlight if I recall. It looks pretty good.

Defense Grid - One of my all-time favourites! Tower Defense ftw. I got all 4 of the mappacks.

Deus Ex - A classic.

Oblivion - I didn't care for much, but also a classic. I find myself buying them too when they are on sale for like $2.

Greed? - No idea.

HL & HL2 - full of win. I probably played HL2 through 3 times or more.

Just Cause 2 - Didn't interest me.

King's Bounty - It looked a bit girly, but I was really close to picking it up on sale, then I think I read it was turn-based? Maybe. Anyways, something spooked me at the last minute.

King Arthur - No clue.

Lara Craft - No clue.

Machinarium - been on my wishlist for ages! I was going to buy it, then I decided on going back to WoW, which I regret a few weeks later.

Plants vs. Zombies - been a fan since day one. It's widely popular now. There's even a mini-game in WoW for it.

Portal - epic.

I can't make out the others, except for TF which I don't play.

Torchlight was pretty fun going through once. I had a level 42 summoner Alch, and various others.

World of Goo - <3333333 such an inspirational game.


AKA Ass-Bandit
Deathspank - Done by the same dudes who did Torchlight if I recall. It looks pretty good.
Na, this is from the guys who did Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, and also Ron Gilbert. As in Ron "Maniac Mansion & Monkey Island" Gilbert.


Mark ov teh Pond
Ahhh, okay.

Also, I realized there was no TF2 in that list so it wasn't Orange Box?


AKA Ass-Bandit
Alright, let's see...

Audiosurf: Fun, I played a little bit of it. Reminds me a little of Vib Ribbon, only with less line art.
Blur: No clue. The last racing game I recall playing was Split Second: Velocity in a game store.
Darksiders: All I know about it gameplay wise is that it's a God of War clone.
Deathspank: Something I want to try out partially because it looks good, and partially because I seem to have an urge to try anything made by the original developers of the Monkey Island series.
Defence Grid: No goddamned clue...
Deus Ex: Great game, as long as you can look past the dated graphics
Deus Ex Invisible War: Ignore what others will tell you, this is actually a decent game. What most people tend to do is instinctively compare it to Deus Ex and then call it shit.
Oblivion: Decent enough. Really hate how levelling up works though, I usually end up modding that out of the game so that I don't end up fighting bandits with glass armour.
Greed Corp: Once again, no clue.
Half Life series: Good set of games, I'm waiting for Episode 3 to come out. I hear it's expected to come out when the universe collapses in on itself.
Blue Shift & Opposing Force: For some reason, I can never bring myself to complete these...still, fun games.
King's Bounty set: Didn't really interest me. The only thing Heroes of Might & Magic related I was ever interested in playing was Dark Messiah.
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light: Have to say, it is a very different game compared to the Tomb Raider series. But from the demo I've played, it's enjoyable.
Machinarium: No clue. I recall wanting to check it out, but right now? I can recall nothing about it.
Plants vs Zombies: Seems alright, if that's your sort of game.
Portal: Very fun puzzle game. Not much more to be said.
Super Meat Boy: A game created by a set of developers who, when condemned and parodied by PETA, parody them right back by making a completely useless playable character? That gets a sticker in my book. Played the original flash game, loved it. Really want to play this one too.
Swords & Soldiers: Never heard of it.
Team Fortress: Not really sure. I only ever played the original once. I'm more of a TF2 guy.
Torchlight: A fun Diablo clone. Worth playing while you wait for Diablo 3.
World of Goo: Also fun.

Also, Adam? Where the hell is King Arthur? Because I have that myself, and I don't see it there.


Mark ov teh Pond
Ohhh, that was another King's Bounty expansion lolo. I got my King's mixed up.

Anyways, Crouton, you can add me to your buddy list on Steam if you like.

I'm adamstone945


Yeah it wasn't The Orange Box pack, I just bought a load of games in the Christmas sale. Also Adam I would add you but I'm still newish to Steam and I'm not sure how to add people. The friends I have on there so far have added me, not the other way around.

Thanks for the feedback.


Mark ov teh Pond
Yeah, that's what I regret. I would have had 15-20 more games but the WoW expansion came out just before Christmas and I diverted funds to give that a go. Wish I hadn't.

And Storm and myself are both Adam. Everyone calls him Storm though. As for adding folks to Steam, look for friends at the top, click, Add Friend. I can do my best to help with any Steam-related questions you might have there, or here.


Mark ov teh Pond

It's not that I don't like Cata, it's I just that I only like raiding. Having to log in and wait 45 minutes to just run 5mans, it's not something I can tolerate doing. I have no core 10 man groups and I got tired of looking. I enjoy the fact it's much more difficult, but that just makes people bitch more.

You should be able to view my games now.