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PC Games Command & Conquer 3


New Member
Hey guys, guess what? There is ab-so-lute-ly no way I am gonna whinge about this game. Lil different, huh? :lol:

Well after my massive disappointment with STALKER : Shadow Of Shite, I traded it in for a copy of C&C 3, and wow! It blows my mind away.
I mean, this game is up there with Dawn Of War.
It has been so long since a game has lived up to it's hype, and this does that plus more!
It's as if the developers have taken everything good from Supreme Commander (which was dreadful, so not too much), Red Alert, Dawn Of War and ROME - then mashed it together to create an entity of gaming goodness.
The inclusion of an Alien race is just fabulous. The terror from 'War of the Worlds' has been mixed with that of the bugs from 'Starship Troopers' to create an evil race that you actually WANT to pursue and destroy.
The NOD Nuke and GDI Ion Cannon both look supremely cool on screen (as well as the Rift Generator), and do a very large but blanced amount of damage to a foe's base.
I'm still yet to see a population cap, and I've already built more units in one skirmish game, than I ever did while playing the dreadful Supreme Commander. Sucked in Supreme Commander, this game has taken your ideas re-arranged them into something worth playing and now you look like an ant in comparison to the son of RTS that is Command & Conquer. (The father is 'Dune 2' of course).

Brilliant, and highly recommended to anyone who likes RTS, Michael Ironside and Billy Dee. Oh, ok and the two hot chicks from Battlestar.

Very Happy

Tiny :D


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Ever since I heard of it, I've wanted it.

The only question I have, is does it have the Generals build/money system, or does it have the old school "ore miner" type?


New Member
It has the old school ore type, but delete 'ore' and insert 'tiberium'.

It actually works out ok, because the maps are quite evenly balanced and as in the past, you are only waiting for a short period of time before money is no longer an issue - meaning you can concentrate on the fight.

The tiberium gathering system seems to work well as a method of 'slowing' the game so as to prevent players from creating superweapons earlier on in a round. Once the money really starts rolling in though, it is free game :D

Another interesting fact is, if you are playing as GDI, you can call in a bomber to drop a 'tiberium seed' so if you think there isn't enough money to support an army (probably means it is a massive one), then you have tiberium growing right where you want it to.

Now.... Go buy it :lol: