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SEGA Comix Zone


Registered Member
Anybody played Comix Zone? I got GameTap, and that lets me play it. I'd heard about it before, and it looked like a good game, but GameTap finally let me play it. It's a fun fighting game, where you play as a comic artist whose creation comes out of the comic, and takes him inside to send baddie after baddie to kill him. So, you go killing mutants, robots, ninjas, a bunch of stuff, while your pet rat helps solve puzzles. Plus, there are multiple paths within levels.


Registered Member
I remember that game. That was some innovative stuff.

Ahhhh the good 'ol Genesis. Heh, I remember the commercial for this fighting game called Ballz I believe. Well, in the commercial they say "Tell your parents you want Ballz this Christmas" :lol:


New Member
Yea i have that game and i like the music in the begging lol. It was a different game since it was like fighting in a comic book.


Registered Member
I played the PC version... it was pretty enjoyable, although pretty difficult. I'll have to see if I can dig it out sometime.