Coming out of Retirement to train a new duelist


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OK, I retired from Yugioh about two years ago and haven't looked at the game since. My close friend, who is more of a sister than my friend, just called to tell me her 11-year-old son wants to get into the game.

Considering I was well known and respected as a duelist back in the day I am going to train him and protect him from those duelists who like to abuse rookies and rip them for cards.

I need to know from to Yugioh world what has happened since my leaving and what to look for now in the game as well as suggestions for a starter deck for him.


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I don't know much about the game, I never really played it a lot even when I had the cards. But I highly recommend that you get it into his mind that it's only a game.

There's really nothing to gain by taking it dead seriously, that usually leads to tears. It's a lot better if you simply plan to win, but play simply for fun. No playing for the other duellist's deck or certain cards, or anything like that.

...and if he feels like shafting the other player over, get him to read this but not really...


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trust me storm, that'll be rule number one. i left because the game got to a point where if you didn't have big money you couldn't win at local tourneys and not winning at all is no fun, especially when the deck you designed and tweaked has strategy gets creamed by a big money no strategy and so easy to use a monkey could play it deck.

my preliminary research shows promise...the game seems to have changed for the better.