Comic buying at the Flea markets


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Hi all.

I don't know about you guys but I love to go Dirt mall (Flea Market) comic shopping.

I just picked up over 500 comics for 45.00. Almost all of them are worth $10.00 or more. One is valued at $200.00 and I know that I can get more for it. They had no clue what they had.

People are selling them off cheap! They are hard to find, autographed, mint or better condition. They are selling off their stashes and don't care what they get for them.
I guess alot of people got burned when the comic bubble pooped and the prices started to fall.

There is no way I would let any of my collection go that cheap.
BTW my collection is up to 22,650 comics and over 400 Graphic novels and 300 or so Mangas.
I'm running out of room to stash all my goodies.

But anyhow I was wondering if you go there and pick up comics, and what your take on Dirt mall comic shopping is.


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When I was still collectin ghte Batman comics, I actually found some of my best comics in a flea market. My favorite is both the collector's hologram front copy of #500 and the standard one, for only $10, and nice and shiny w/ no marks, tears, or bent corners.


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I look for them at flea markets, but lately I haven't seen many comics there at all. I used to see them all the time and got a lot of great deals that way. Right now, I'm just having a bad run of it, I guess.

I did see some really old comics this weekend. Mainly Fantastic Four and Batman titles from the 12 cent days. I passed on them because they were in terrible condition. Really, they looked like they would fall apart if touched. The people wanted something like $3 a piece, too.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I would have picked them up anyways..Collectability aside..Those are part of history.
I never pass up Golden age comics. No mater what the condition you can use the good pages to restore another comic back to good shape.

I'll post a how to guide on that if you want me to..I do toy and comic restoration on the side.

If you ever see them again pick them up and I will buy them for what you paid plus the shipping. But I will need scans or good pics first.

I'm always buying comics. :D
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