Comedy Lit. Game: The Streets of London - Sign Up & Character Profile


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Welcome to GF's very first Comedy Literature Game - The Streets of London!!

Like the other Lit. Games, this one will still be fiction - but this approach will be a little different; this is all about the 'reality' comedy!! Write amusing stories, put your character through hilarious misfortune or have him waltz his way through witty humour - the choice is totally yours!!

Set in the city of London in the present day, almost anything goes in this thread. Be anyone you want, do anything you want. As long as it's comedy, it's all good!! The core rules still apply, as always:

- Stick to the topic
- Don't write about other gamer's characters
- Keep your character realistic
- You cannot make him/her the Prime Character

The profile for this is a little different. Just put anything you think is relevant! :)

Multiple characters are allowed!

Name: John Reynolds
Age: 26
Appearance: At 5'7", with a skinny build, John's just your average guy. Brown hair, brown eyes, and plain features give John a face that doesn't stand out in a crowd.
Backstory: John's an ex-student. He did his time in university, studying IT & Business, then came to London four years ago to find fame and fortune. Ever since then, he's worked the night shift in a 24 hour petrol station. He spends most of his free time moping, being down and depressed and generally hating his life. The only good things in his precariously balanced life are his car and his girlfriend. Without them, he wouldn't know what to do...

Name: Nick Burns
Age: 32
Appearance: At 6'8" with a stature that would make a pro wrestler think twice, Nick is a giant. Dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and hands the size of dinner plates, Nick does stand out in the crowd, or more typically, over it.
Backstory: The main aspect of Nick is that he leads a life of crime. So to speak. Nick, to put it bluntly, is as thick as two planks. Strangely enough, for a man who has the strength to bend a crowbar, he has all the malevolence of a baby; Nick's not interested in hurting people. Unfortunately, having an IQ that's barely higher than the average bus number means that Nick is somewhat easy to manipulate; and then he met Travis. Travis is a smarmy, quick thinking, ratty kind of guy, the ones who get through life by hiding behind big men, big doors, or big words. Now, as a crime duo, Travis is the brains and Nick is the brawn.
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Ooo comedy!

Name: May Swine
Age: 27
Appearance: Blond -her excuse for anything- blue eyes, short and absolutely no sense for fashion.
Backstory: May works as a librarian. Boring right? Correct. Or as May would say, a safe job, occupational hazzards non-existant. At night, however, May dons her online poker persona, Gale. And Gale has a gambling problem...