Movies Comedy Central Roast: Bob Saget


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Did anyone else watch the Bob Saget roast? It was one of Comedy Central's better roasts, in my opinion. John Stamos did a good job, I thought. Cloris Leachman had me in stitches.

As good as some of those roasts have been, they're nothing compared to the old Dean Martin roasts (which can be viewed on YouTube). CC's roasts seem to rely more on curse words than anything that's really funny. Personally, if a celebrity is going to be roasted, I think they should be roasted by their true peers and not a bunch of Comedy Central groupies.

But alas, I'm ranting. Again, I think this roast was actually one of their better roasts.
It was decidedly underwhelming but amusing. It was alright, I expected better, but it still gave me a few chuckles. It was raelly the same jokes over and over and over again though.


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I enjoyed it for the most part...thought it was funny. I loved John Lovitz part..thought he was hilarious.