Comebacks that are just plain stupid


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Have you ever argued with someone and they replied with something really stupid? Post it here.

Go die, loser!/Go kill yourself.

Probably one of the stupidest ones ever. Yeah, I'm gonna walk outside and try to die because someone told me to.

You're so gay your momma turned black.
I've heard someone use this once. It doesn't even make sense.


A Darker Knight
Personal favorite (and commonly used):

Yeah? Well, YOU'RE _____


No, YOU'RE ______


"You're gay"

"No, YOU'RE gay"



Monday Night Rollins
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My comebacks are purposely stupid just to confuse the other person. Like they'll say something about my mom and I'll come back with something like...

"Oh? Oh yeah? Well you...uhh...smell...umm like a fish in the ocean! And and you suck on...stuff!"

They just look at my confused and usually just walk away. Its nice.