Come on Down!


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Your the next contestant on the Price is Right! If you were on the Price is righ and you can pick your own game to play, what game would it be? The game that I would pick is Plinko! The second game I would pick is the yodeling game just so that I can see the guy go over the cliff. :D

One of my customer's her husband was on contestant row but didn't make it on stage. I asked her if the wheel made that sound and she said yes. I always thought it was just a sound effect for the wheel. She also told me that the stage was small too.


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lmao good topic. I've watched the price is right from when I could remeber until Bob Barker retired, and i can't tell you which games i want to play because I dont even know the names haha. Well I guess i can explain.. You know that game where there is a guage that is rising on a board with numbers, and you have to stop the guage in the area you think the price is, and the price has to be within the shaded area..?

Anyways, Bob WAS the Price is Right.


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I know what game you are talking about but I can't think of the name of the game.

I liked it when Barker hosted the game but he can't go on forever. It was sad when Rod Roddy died. I could never get use to the new announcer.


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I would want to play the one where you punch out slots and pull out the card and it has a certain amount on it, then you can keep it or try for the next one.


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Rod Roddy died! ah i forgot.. now don't they have some black guy announcer... and that prick Drew Carey is the host :urp:
The second game I would pick is the yodeling game just so that I can see the guy go over the cliff. :D
Don't you lose if he goes over the cliff?

I'd like the game where you have to guess which price goes with which item. Those prizes usually stunk, but it would get you closer to the showcase showdown.
I liked the Plinko game and that golf game where you use a putter to hit a ball into the hole. Those two would be fun to play.

lol - why would they put a sound effect to the wheel? You have some crazy imagination.