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The Hierophant
I've decided that I'm going to actively exercise. Keeping in mind that my exercise over the last three years or so has been limited to sex, pushing down my gas pedal, lifting various things, and sex.

My current equipment is one ten pound weight, a microwave, and various other things that I could lift just as easily. My reasoning? I know I'm fucking sexy as is, but if I were to add some muscle mass to my body, I'd have to beat wimmin off with my stick.

Here's my problem. I don't know many exercises that will make me ripped like Machamp. Suggestions will be duly noted and tried no later than this evening.


The Hierophant
I was looking more for exercises that I could do. Not signing up to a magazine that I could steal for free from work.
looking to attract trannies?

Shemales, but since you were close, I'll give you credit.
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