Combine numbers: overrated?


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Do 40 times and all the other things they measure at the combine actually matter, or do teams put too much stock in them?

I think they're way overrated. I'm always hearing about how certain players hurt their draft position because of a slow 40 time, but why does that even matter? Most of these players were considered fast in college, but now all of a sudden they're slow? Then you have players who come out of nowhere and put up ridiculous numbers at the combine, like Vernon Davis, they get drafted real high, and then don't perform.

I don't care how players perform in drills. I think the most important thing is seeing how they play on the field during actual games.


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I feel like the Combine is a way for players to "perform" to scouts, but I believe it's not necessary. I don't care how fast, or slow, Crabtree is, I'd want him on my team.
The stats are over rated, but they do give a little baseline of what an athlete is capable of on a purely physical level. They shouldn't carry much importance, since the players don't have pads and it's just them doing feats with no opposition. I think things like the Senior Bowl game and whatnot are a better gauge of talent. It just makes sense to me that the best way to tell if a player is good at a sport is to let them play the sport against other good players and see how they do.


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They are a bit overrated, but it gives the scout a chance to look at the top prospect and see how they look in drills, do they give a 100%, when do they get tired, and all that stuff. It's pretty useful in my opinion, but a bit overrated.


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Yeah I agree that they are overrated to an extent but they are nice in a way as well. Gives scout a way to see the guys they are going to dish out millions of dollars for before they draft them.

I think too much is made of the 40 times, however. Way too much.


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But don't the scouts watch them play in college? For example, anyone who watched Beanie Wells play in college would say he has great speed for his size. Then he runs a 4.6 or whatever at the combine and everybody thinks he's slow. Should his 40 time have any impact on where he gets drafted?

Same thing in the NBA. I remember before Kevin Durant was drafted everyone was making a huge deal about how he couldn't bench 185 pounds once, while tiny point guards like Mike Conley Jr were doing 20 reps at 185. Now Durant is averaging better than 26 points and 6 rebounds per game. So once again, these drills just don't matter.