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Combinations of Music you listen to


I listen to rap/classical


uhm - let´s see...combination of music...

you know, that´s a tough one, since I find there´s good as well as bad within every genre of music..

what I don´t realy like would be something like: trance/dance (you know - extreemely loud bass going in the same rythm all the time :-X), the majority of country, much classical (although I realy dig Wagner and Carl Orff), much of the no-brains pop music, boy/girl bands and generaly bands/artisits with absolutely no talent.

what I listen to...well, I´ll give it a go : rock (from soft stuff to hard-core punk), some pop (robbie williams, madonna and a few others), some classic stuff (as mentioned above - the more hysterical, the better - lol), some country, bagpipes and some military music, some rap (although I feel there are too many trying to cash in on what they´re not - like gansta rap and so on).

uhm...there are most likely something I´ve forgotten, but can´t see it right now - it´s to damn late for deep thinking :D

I may have said something bad about other peoples favourite music, but hey - people should dig the music they like, and accept that others have another taste ;)