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TV Columbo Actor Dies


Registered Member
Anyone here ever watch the old show Columbo, starring Peter Falk??
It was years ago of course, and even I admit I watched it a time or two, and I did enjoy it some. I thought Peter Falk did a fine job, he was a great actor.
He passed away yesterday, he was 83. Apparently he had been suffering with dementia, I didn't know that till I read this.
This is the article from my homepage.

Peter Falk, Star of 'Columbo,' Dead at 83


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I was kind of forced to watch it while I was getting babysat, never was a really big fan. That's probably since I didn't really understand the show since I was a little to young. None the less, I've caught a few shows here in there in recent years so I know what the show is about.

None the less, he was a good actor.



Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'll always remember him the most for being the grandfather in The Princess Bride...I was never a big fan of Columbo, but I was kind of young when it was in its prime.



still nobody's bitch
I didn't watch Colombo, it was kind of before my time, but I loved him anyway. He was great as the grandfather in The Princess Bride.



Registered Member
He was amazing in The Princess Bride. I love that movie.

It's such a shame he's gone. Still, he had a good innings, didn't he? Rest well, Mr Falk. Your talent shall be missed.