Colts place Freeney on IR; foot injury will require surgery


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INDIANAPOLIS -- Dwight Freeney's season is over, and now <A href="" _extended="true">Simeon Rice</A _extended="true"> has a chance to start anew in Indianapolis.

Freeney, the three-time Pro Bowl defensive end and highest-paid defender in the league, was placed on injured reserve on Wednesday by the Colts. He's scheduled to undergo surgery later this week or early next week on his injured left foot.

The blow is potentially devastating to Indianapolis, which has already been depleted by injuries. Seven starters missed Sunday's game in San Diego, and Indianapolis lost four more starters, including Freeney, during the game.

"Dwight is a player you cannot replace," former Pro Bowl safety Bob Sanders said. "But we'll continue to move on, continue to get better. We'll put new guys in and continue to roll. That's what Dwight would want us to do."


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Even with all these injuries they are still one of the NFL's best. Which is a scary thought considering how much players they have injured on their team.


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This is horrible news for the Colts. He's one of the best defensive players in the NFL. Huge loss for the Colts but I'm sure they will still find a way to win after all they do have Manning.
That's a huge blow for the Colts team morale. Freeney is their defensive leader next to Bob Sanders. Freeney is the only guy in the NFL that the opponet plans their game plan around. Freeney is very quick off the ball, he explodes off the ball and turns the corner quickly.

The Colts did, however replace him with a pro-bowl caliber player in Simeon Rice. They acquired Rice off of waivers as soon as Freeney was injured, they knew if Freeney wasn't able to play the rest of the season they would have to replace him with a talented football player.


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When I heard this, I wanted to puke. Last year Sanders was out half the season and our defense couldn't do a damn thing.

This year we lost Freeney, so hopefully Sanders will be fine. He's already made some badass plays against KC today.

And now Moorehead is out for at least the rest of todays game with a back injury after that airborne hit on him.