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Coloured Lighting


Creeping On You
So I was staring up at my ceiling last night while trying to fall asleep, and when my eyes rested on my light, I remembered that I had green lightbulbs stored at my mom's, that I've been meaning to bring home. I want to put them in my ceiling and then I can have green light in my room. I've always been a big fan of coloured light, I find it soothing.

My favourite is blue, but green is my second favourite colour.

How about yourselves? Do you like using coloured lighting in your rooms? Whats your favourite? Now that you've read this thread, are you gonna try it?


Registered Member
Don't really mind it to be honest ... but I thought I would share what my boyfriend did tonight ..
He had a stack of old CD's that he just stacked up and put a blue LED light down the middle ...
Looks pretty cool ... :)



Creeping On You
Oh! Now I know what to do with all my old CD's! I just need to figure out where to get an LED light like that. Can you imagine if you did one of those in blue, and one in yellow? You'd get the eeriest greenish glow where the lights intersect I imagine. Oh I so wanna try this now.


Haters gonna hate.
My alarm clock/iPod dock has a gnarly blue light coming from where the time can be read. It's bright as all heck, but I think it's pretty cool, to be honest. My dad also has a red light in his room that he uses sometimes... for what he uses it for, I do not really know...


I used to have coloured christmas lights in my room, but I replaced them with white ones recently because not all the colours on the coloured ones matched the rest of my room haha. I also used to have two cylinder lights that stood in corners of my room and when I turned those one, one corner of my room was lit blue and the other more of a yellow. The lights weren't strong enough to show green where they intersected. Or perhaps I didn't notice if they did because my walls are green haha. In any case, we're moving out of this house soon so those lights are packed away now.


rainbow 11!
no, it's not something I am interested in. Honestly, when I picture that in a home I see some kinda of rave going on or sex orgy. so if that's what you are going for, do it! I think it would hurt my eyes, too.


It's not me, it's you.
I don't really do coloured lighting because I read a lot, and prefer non coloured light for that.

I did have a purple tinged bulb in my room once, but the brightness it put out was so little that I didn't find it very useful.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The only time I like coloured lights is when I'm at a concert or at club/bar dancing. I wouldn't like to have coloured lights in my household, I think it looks rather silly(no offense to people who enjoy it). Just not my cup of tea,


Sally Twit
I do think it can be pretty cool but I wouldn't have any in my house. Like BR said, they are awesome at concerts but it wouldn't have the same effect if it was going off in your bedroom lol.


Son of Liberty
I used to have a Blue light bulb in a desk lamp that I woudl keep on. It was really neat in the corner I had it in.

initially i'd bought the lamp because it was supposed to replicate "moon lighting" when I had my leopard geckos. But as it turned out I realized I had a blue light on in my room all night and it drove me insane. So I just stopped usign it for that reason and isntead put it in my desk lamp as novelty.