So I am a junior in highschool, and Im really stressing about what college to go to, I really messed up freshman year and beginning of sophtmore year, now im starting to fail french again and I need 3 years of forien language for a UC.... so im wondering what colleges look for in a student?? GPA or what?? and im looking to go to a good UC, average I mean.,

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Well Tan, you've still got the rest of this year and your Senior year to make things up. What do colleges look for? Well certainly GPA and rank. However, nowadays, they look for far more things than that. They look for your Test scores (SAT/ACT/State Mandated Test), They also look for what you do OUTSIDE of school. They're not looking for those who just do school work and that's it. They look for diverse people. They look for the smart student and the athlete in one. They look for those who do community service and volunteer at various places. Also, colleges look for kids who are INVOLVED. Join as many clubs/activities/organizations as you can. If you're good at basketball, try out for the team. Make sure you're as involved as possible. Anything that can improve your resume will improve your chances of getting into a college that you want to and getting you a scholarship. Just keep working at it. Finish those 3 years of foreign language, maintain a decent rank and GPA and get good scores on your standardized testing as well as staying involved and you'll be fine.
I need 3 years of forien language for a UC
No you dont. I only took two years of spanish, and I still got into UCSC, and UCD... and Davis is a pretty good one too.

My theory is that it's names in a hat. You'll see people who have more extracurriculars, better grades, higher SATs, and better essays than you not get accepted while you do get accepted to tough schools, and you'll be rejected from easy schools while people with worse everything than you will be accepted. It seems completely random, with perhaps a skewing towards higher gpa/sat being more likely to get accepted.