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College Years


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To quote Chef from South Park: "There's a time and a place for everything; and it's called college"

I did go to college but I didn't have what would be considered to be a typical college experience. The first time I went to college I lived at home with my parents because I went to a local community college and the second time I went to college I lived in a self contained college with few people where everyone knew everyone and we also had VERY strict rules that on at least a couple of occasions would include the police.

As a say in terms of at least the college experience that I am lead to believe is true if I believe the films never happened. I know it happened because I remember going to see my sister at Uni and joining in at a party that from all accounts led to my sister being told "your little brother is cool" but that was a long time ago.

What was college experience like? Were you in a frat? Did you have those greek letters around your neck? Did you live in a large student house or own your own?


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What video editing did you do NGP? Do you still do it? I am intrigued as to what films you worked on if you wouldn't mind discussing it?


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Sports music videos. Like me and friends playing hockey at the park and then editing it to music. Or like them playing soccer with church friends and then using it as an excuse to go batshit-apeshit on Final Cut Pro cropping and effect handling. Things of that nature.

Small documentary stuff here and there for class, but overall just looking for excuses to make our own sports/highlight reels, sorta. It was fun. I think I put equally as much work into video editing as into classwork. It's a miracle I ended up overall with a B+ average throughout college and moreso among the classes I liked.


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Meh, my college years were pretty uneventful. I lived with a couple of other girls in a basement suite close to campus. It was basically go to school, come home, rinse and repeat. On the odd occasion if I did get invited to a party, it was basically just 2 hours of me awkwardly standing in a corner with a can of root beer. The college experience you tend to see in movies was pretty non-existent for me. On a weird side note though, I recently found out that my SO had just started his career as a chef at the restaurant located directly underneath my college. Funny how I never ran into him even once seeing as how we were both there for like a few years.