College suspends football program due to steroid scandal


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University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario shuts down its football program for one year due to "most significant doping issue" in the history of Canadian university sports.

University of Waterloo in Canada suspends football team for a year in steroids scandal |

I know you guys don't follow CIS, well most of you. Nine of sixty-two players tested positive for steroids. They decided to suspend the whole program instead of just suspending the nine players that were caught. So everyone that didn't test positive have to pay for the others stupidity, some of them being Seniors.

Do you think this was a good idea, or a bit harsh?

Do you believe if this was the Texas Longhorns instead of Waterloo, their program would get shut down for a year? I don't think so, since there's to much money involved.

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Being as it was a school decision and not something the league threw down on them, I don't see a huge problem.. except they could've went a different route. Kick those particular players off the team and test the team weekly, or even bi-weekly.. just to be sure no one else is doing it.

Now, on your words with Texas.. no, it wouldn't have happened the same way. They would've suspended or kicked the players off the team and then possibly have been suspended from post-season play for a year or so.


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I think it's a bit harsh to shut the program down for a year, but it's not the first time it's happened. Didn't Duke lacrosse do the same thing during that rape scandal a few years back?


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I'm not sure about Duke, but I do remember hearing about the couple of players that were involved in a rape case. But I wonder if they did suspend the program, I wonder if Duke University made the decision or if it was the NCAA.

But back to the topic, I do agree with you that it's a bit harsh, some of these players, they haven't made a full investagation into this matter. Who knows if the coaches had anything to do with this(maybe an assistant or something.)

Only about 15% of the players got tested positive, why punish the whole team? Just doesn't make much sense to me and it's not the right approach.

Some people say this is only being done because the school wants media attention, I don't know about that...but I wouldn't put it pass them.