College Selection, Jeepers!!

Discussion in 'School' started by gmanlink, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. gmanlink

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    Mm. Jeepers, a funny word.

    Anyways, I've been researching a number of colleges on my college list. A lot reviews from top reviewers such as Princeton, Pearson, etc. use interviews or questions from students on campus.

    This is basically why I'm afraid of college, at this point. All of the college I have in mind are elite if not semi-elite colleges. Studying is essentially to surviving and succeeding. Every student that answers these questions about the difficulty of the college (namely the sciences; engineering for me) always say that "this college is very hard. You won't get a lot of sleep. You don't know the meaning of studying 24/7 until you've gone here."

    I'm attending a pretty prestigious (in my opinion) school. Subjects are taught by great teachers (with the exception of some crappy ones), and the pace is pretty fast. (Our school uses a 2 semester block scheduling system. Two different days each with 4 different classes resulting with longer classes, but fewer classes held each day in comparison to the traditional 6 class day). Because of my school's close integration to college, a lot of alumns (at least I think) say that college has been much easier than if they went to some random, normal school.

    Am I just overreacting to these student replies of these elite colleges or am I right in worrying about how difficult college may be?

  2. sourfruit

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    I'd say it just depends on who you are. Do you tend to pick things up without even trying or do you normally have to study a lot to understand concepts? Everyone is different. And it depends on your class load, too.
  3. Easily-Amused


    I went to a school that sounds very similar to yours. I am in my summer between first and second years at college, and I loved last year. I go to a very demanding school, and though it was difficult at times, I mostly managed very well. I'm also horrible at time management. Like sourfruit said, it really depends on who you are and where you do, but personally, I think you'll be fine.
  4. gmanlink

    gmanlink Registered Member

    Generally, it doesn't take me very long to understand a concept, unless it's poorly explained, which in that case would take me quite a while. Thanks for the comment!

    But now, how do you choose a good college among a list of good colleges? I'm having trouble sifting out which colleges i want, but I don't want to take out too many because there's the off chance that I might not get accepted into that many colleges.
  5. Cait

    Cait Oh, poppycock.

    I'm starting college soon and my only advice is take what the students say seriously. They will be honest with you and will not bs you. They may exaggerate, but what's the worst that can happen? You'll over prepare yourself? Whoo. Just be ready.
  6. Easily-Amused


    My advice is to go see the colleges, if you can. Travel to them and get a feel for the campus before applying if you can. If you can't do that, then apply to all that look like good options, then visit the ones to which you were accepted. But above all - VISIT BEFORE YOU DECIDE. A college can feel very different in person than on paper. Prime example - I hated my college when I read about it, but I visited and fell in love with it.
  7. gmanlink

    gmanlink Registered Member

    Lol, Cait. Their exaggerations are exactly what I'm afraid of. Most of the colleges I'm interested have students that say, "DUUUDEE... you will be massacred if you don't study 24/7."

    Easily-Amused. How much did it cost you to visit those colleges, transportation wise? All the colleges I'm interested in are at least 200+ miles away, the farthest one being at least 2000 or so miles.
  8. Easily-Amused


    I don't really know, to be honest >.< A lot of my tours were combined with family visits, so the cost was covered by my parents. Just look up airlines one travelocity or something, I guess?
  9. gmanlink

    gmanlink Registered Member

    Lol, air travel is expensive nowadays. It'll burn out my wallet, or rather my parent's wallets.

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