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College Republicans denied entrance to hear Obama's speech


Heavy Weapons Guy
Of course they're dangerous, some of them. Just like every other fringe group, you're going to have your select group of crazies that overdosed on the Kool-Aid and went overboard. A very common trend with the Tea Party, when searching up this information online, is there is a LOT of verbal abuse, lots of threats of violence and hatred but not as much action on it. Which on the one hand I suppose is good since action would lead to people getting hurt. It's not hard to find stuff on violence associated with the Tea Party either.

Once again, I don't think it speaks to the movement as a whole since the American news media answers to corporate owners and thus each station pushes their own democratic and republican agendas and can't be trusted for honest reporting. But it's equally silly to believe an entire group is NOT guilty of some dangerous acts.
First off, I agree with you about the news stations. FOX pushes the Republican agenda, while every single other main station pushes the liberal agenda, hence FOX has half of the total TV audience since it has no competitor also pushing the Republican agenda.

However, I wouldn't call the tea party a fringe group. There may be a couple crazies to be found but you can find them in any group. There are plenty examples of stuff like this happening:


Some people from the right of course try to do the same thing to the left.

The point is though, people go through security before they get to watch the president speak. This was a shameful move for however gave the orders to turn away any people that may not agree with the president. This way when the public sees snapshots on tv, it looks like people agree with Obama and there is less dissension than actually exists.

Politics is nothing more than a PR campaign, it doesn't seem to be about issues anymore, at its core, this is just another example of that.


Problematic Shitlord
Politics is nothing more than a PR campaign, it doesn't seem to be about issues anymore, at its core, this is just another example of that.
Oh trust me, I know :lol:

It's been my opinion since I started caring about politics. It's why I'm losing steam when it comes to this stuff, it's almost like debating it is just for fun because you know these guys behind the cameras are just putting on a show to keep the average viewer distracted from serious issues, like this NSA shit.