College Football vs. NFL Football

College vs. NFL

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Which do you prefer?

I like College a lot better, especially with the fall out of this Vick case. The game just seems so much more pure, for lack of a better term, you don't have players complaining about playing time, or holding out *COUGH*T.O.*COUGH*, you don't usually have huge scandals, and it just seems like most of the players are playing for the love of the game.


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I like the NFL because it seems the statistics and yards are more real they are earned. Rushing for 100 years in back to back games is hard. In college the 2nd stringer will get 100 yards.

In college theres not very much defense, passing windows are huge and the scores do not mean too much to me. Also there are too many teams and players to track since most of them have a high turnover (they graduate or leave early for the NFL etc)

I really dont like college at all...
Pro football has better gameplay since all the players are more fundamentally sound. The games are also generally more competative.

College football just seems more 'pure.' The kids out there are playing the game for their team and their future istead of the cash. Also, college football games are just more passionate.


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I prefer NFL Football, you have the best players on earth playing every Sunday or Monday. There's nothing better then watch a game on Sunday afternoon, watching someone like Larry Johnson breaking the opponents defense. Or Terrell Owen catching a deep catch. There's so much more. But I believe the NFL is so much superior.


I'd really hope I could re-visit this thread in the future and post more of my thoughts, as I don't have the suffice time right now.

I prefer NFL. Besides the fact that it's the best players at the peak of their game (the majority of players rather than the younger ones), I love it because a numerous amount of reasons..

1.) Not as many teams
2.) You can access stats easier
3.) Remember stats from players better as you don't have to stuff your mind
4.) Players are easier to remember and understand

Let me add to number 4. What I mean is that, when I'm watching NFL games, I have background knowledge on players. To me, it's funner to watch that way to predict what's about to happen next. Really a preluding opportunity to guess what the player is about to.

To add to that last paragraph -- the background knowledge of players can allow the fan to know more about them. We, as fans, love to understand who the people are, behind the players. I like to know, anyway.

In college, there are just so many players and teams that it's hard to duplicate what you do the same way as in the NFL.

I'll try to add more when I get time.


I voted for the NFL, but I love college football too! It's a tough choice, b.c. I hate how money runs the game in the pros, but I love the excitement of the playoffs and the super bowl...Maybe if college football had a playoff system they would get my vote b.c. there's nothing like watching a bunch of kids play their hearts out for FREE, not to mention the college atmosphere is much better at a live game then the pros, you have the band, the cheerleaders (both male and female) and the stadiums can typically accomodate more people than the professional ranks.