College football best coach?


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There's a lot of great masterminds in College Football today, but in your opinion who do you think is the best coach in College Football today.

Now as you know I don't follow College Football a lot, but I always here that Nick Saban is the best coach out there.


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Hard to pick just one.

Jeff Tedford - Cal
Jim Tressel - Ohio State
Pete Carroll - USC
Urban Meyer - Florida
Nick Saban - Alabama

Most of those coaches are just great recruiters and then win with their superior talent. Then again there are other talented teams that seem to under-perform year in and year out.
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Schiano (nobody does more with less)
Jim Grobe (say what you will, but he's great imho)
June Jones (great offensive mind)
Saban (even though I don't like him)
Stoops (despite his recent Bowl record)


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Schiano (nobody does more with less)
Schiano has done a great job building the Rutgers program, but I hate hearing nobody does more with less. New Jersey is rich in talent and they've recruited some good players in recent years. Rutgers' talent is on par with the top of the Big East.

Hmm... no one has mentioned Joe Paterno :stare:
Penn State has had a lot of mediocre seasons over the past decade and haven't been serious championship contenders in quite a while.