College Experience


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What was yours like? If you feel comfortable with it, where did you go? Did you run into any major issues? Was there anything you would never forget?

Lately, I've been touring and researching a few colleges and narrowed down my choices. To calm my nerves a bit for school, I just thought it'd be nice to hear the stories of others'.
I am still going to Ohio State and I really love it. There have been a few issues (room mate issues being the most common but they were rather easily worked out) but all in all I love my college experience. Most of my fondest memories actually happened my freshman year because my floor consisted of a bunch of awesome people. There have also been some notable memories in regards to sports, but Ohio State is definitely a big sports school, so that isn't going to be the case for everyone.


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I'm heading off to college in a week. Boston's a pretty long way from home, so I'm pretty nervous. Mostly I'm afraid that I won't get the classes I need, then getting accustomed to the city, and lastly, worrying if my roommate will be an ass or not. I think once I get settled, I'll have a blast.


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I went to a community college. For me, it was like HS, but with half as many classes, shorter classes, and more choices of what classes/profs. Some of it was harder, and some was actually easier.

There were some things that will stick in my mind a while - some of the people I met, or classes I took.

I'm glad I went to a CC before going to a 4 year. It's cheaper, the class sizes are smaller, it seems like a sort of transition (you get college experience before jumping into a university), and from what I heard, many transfer students do better than students who went straight into a university.


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College was good. I met wonderful people. I had a couple of problems when it came to a few classes, but I managed to fix one, and by pass the other.
Life was good there.
My senior year just started yesterday but now it feels like the beginning of the end, even though I still have an extra semester ahead of me after the next one.
This will be my last year at Santa Clara University. It's a lot like my high school - small campus and class sizes, and a lot of the students came from private schools. It was nice at first but the drama never seems to end. I lived on campus for three years, and often felt like I was living in a bubble. I have my own apartment off campus this year, and hopefully I'll feel more like I'm part of the real world again.