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Does anybody have any stories to share about the process? Ridiculous things that may have happened, schools you should have gotten in to but didn't, schools you got in to but shouldn't have, etc?

Personally, I think it's names in a hat. My friend had better grades than me, more extracurriculars, more community service, and was generally better qualified than I was, yet I got into Cal Poly and he didn't. Similarly, he got into UC San Diego and I didn't. Somehow, we both got into UC Davis, which is supposedly a "better" school than some of the other UC's which I got rejected from. My other friend got into UC Santa Barbara, and no other schools, even though he applied to ones like UC Santa Cruz, which is supposed to be a relatively easy school to get into (I got into it)... it seems to be completely random.


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Me it doesn't really have nothing to do with getting in it's mostly about getting out. I was in this course for half a semester and I really didn't like it. I told myself I wasn't going back but the teacher ask to sign a sheet of paper saying that your coming back. The idiot that I am I signed that paper, but never camed back. That signature got me in a lot of trouble. They thought I was enrolled for the second semester but I never showed up to one class and never payed. By the end of the semester the school kept sending me letters and I was tottaly ignoring them. Two monts after I get another letter and I decided to read that one, thank god. It said I have 2 weeks to pay for my semester or the goverment gets involved and I lose my credit for 7 years. I was shitting my pants. But thaknfully I went to school and told themI never showed up for that second semester and everything got solved.

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Getting into WVU wasnt that hard, just getting your classes straight is what sucks.


Well, there are some schools (like UCLA) that get tons of applications and thus have to turn down tons of people. It's not anything all that special and a lot of "better" schools have higher acceptance rates just because they get fewer applicants.


My current problem is me wanting to go away for school next year. I got accepted into the colleges I want to go to, but I am not going to get to live at them because I applied late (but still within deadlines). So my options right now is renting a bedroom in a house or apartment or not go to the school I want to.

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That's not so bad work for a semester and wait till the next available entry time... That or just find others going there and share an apartment.


Acebox: I'm not sure about the places you've been accepted to, but in SJ the appartments are almost always cheaper than the dorms.


Well, the school has a list of off campus apartments/houses that students rent together so I'm going to check out those. Living is around $6,000 most places, and a room for me will range $300-500 a month, so it does equal out to be basically the same (and most of those rooms are utilities included and I can park for free). So I have 15 days to reply to this one specific school, I am still going to check out the campus next week and then we'll decide if that is what I want to do. I still have one more other school to hear from that I would choose over this one where I would have to do off campus living, but they had a lot of great sounding offers too, so I'm just waiting from this last school before deciding.
A friend of a friend apperently made it to an out of state college.

get this.
-the school he came from is on the deans list (one of the worst schoolsin the state)
-he had a 69 average
-he's been sent to jail, and is a known gang affiliate
-abuses the herb (marijuana)
-has good attendence (thats all thats going for him I guess)

what are the odds of that?