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Collector's Overboard


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If you collect something, do you go overboard with it? Meaning, you collect something and it fills up the whole room or even the whole house?

Being at some of my customer's house, some of my customers collect just about anything and it fills up their basement, attic, garage and even their bedrooms and it is hard to maneuver around their house.


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I cant stop my buying cheap dvd's, whenever I go into my suppermarket I always pick some dvd's up.


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Yes. We can't see our living room wall anymore because of our DVDs. :lol: It used to be like that too when we had to collect VHS (and they're bulkier!). We let go of our VHS collection when we decided to focus on the DVD.


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I also go overboard with DVDs. I've managed to calm a bit in the last few months, but it's still pretty bad. I have outgrown most of my dvd storage spaces and have moved on to my bookshelves.


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Hahahahahaha! Overboard is an understatement in my case. My garage is filled floor to ceiling with boxes and cases of toys, comics, cartoons and movie props. When we moved here it took a 24 ft moving van to move just my collections, and they are still growing. One day I plan on opening up the first ever toy museum where collectors and kids can enjoy seeing all the toys in my collection.


Sally Twit
I used to collect stickers when I was younger and started putting them on the inside of the cupboard doors in the kitchen. It used to drive my mum mad but she let me do it as it was on the inside. I had all sorts of stickers and they covered so many of our doors. I was gutted when they remodeled the kitchen and got rid of the cupboards. :(


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Well, as I explained before, I collect Hughes Aircraft items, but not nearly as much as another area of interest: horses.

I've had an ongoing equine collection for as long as I can remember. In fact, I even remember my dad complaining to me once when I was about eight that he was sick of "plastic horses staring at me while I'm in bed." :-o

I guess my collection did kind of spill out into...*ahem!*...other rooms besides my own. :lol::innocent:

Recently I've thinned the herd to a much more manageable level.


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I have way too many transformers and diecast cars/motorcycles... lately have curbed the enthusiasm on them.


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I'm beginning to go overboard with video games. Currently have a bookcase filled with them, and still growing.
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I collect coins but it doesn't take over my living space. Recently my PC games bumped the stationery out the closet. Hmm time to throw the pre-graphic card ones out.