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Collective Dreaming (i.e. Inception)


The Hierophant
It's interesting when you're controlling a mechanical device. When people are in the same dream, whose brain are they in? Who is the controller?

Well, in the movie, there was someone that would create all the scenery of the dream and the person who's dream they were in would fill in all the people with their subconscious.

I really like this idea. I saw the movie yesterday and I thought it was a really cool concept. Especially when they started getting into dreams within dreams.


Registered Member
I haven't seen Inception, but i think we can already do it without the need for computer interference with our brains. Astral traveling might have something to do with it also.(more so than being online often talking to strangers.) Carl Jung's theory of the collective unconscious has been explaining alot for a long time. How else would they explain The Hundredth Monkey experiment. I'm sure we do it already, though maybe we don't remember, due to it staying in the unconscious. We are all mostly likely connected mentally as a species. How else can one explain all the coincidences about peoples dreams and visions, and common themes among them. I think of it as beehive mind.

I just had a dream within a dream yesterday. Those are so freaky.


Registered Member
I really think it is already happening, but not with machines. I have these dreams were i know i have never been, or seen before with people that i have never seen before, but they all know me and I somehow recognize them. it doesn't feel like dreaming, but rather almost like an alternate reality. It's nothing crazy there either, like i have a job and a normal life no superhero stuff. The weirdest thing is that i had a dream about someone then met them a year later, and the had had the same exact dream as me. They lived over 3,000 miles away and i just happened to meet them a year later?


Registered Member
right like when you realize your dreaming and you wake up just to wake up again 10 minutes later? How about dreaming that you are having a conversation about dejavu, just to have dejavu about it the next day lol?