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How many of you have collection of something? What is your collection and why do you collect whatever it is you collect? I’ve heard of some pretty crazy collections; what’s the craziest collection you have heard of?


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I collect domain names. Does that count? :)

Also, please be careful when making your posts. I have had to edit several of your posts because you have entered BB code that does not work on these forums:



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Oh I'm really sorry, I never noticed that. It didn't show up this time when I hit the quick reply but I think it does it automatically when I click on post reply. I'll look out for it for now on. Sorry.


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My hobby is to collect "coins" and i inherited this from my grand father who had lot of coins of different world and different period... I started this from my school days and now i have different varieties. About crazy collections i have no idea and iam waiting for other memeber's reply with this regard.