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Anyone here have any collections of anything significant? (or not?)

I have several coin book collections. They are not full, but I try to fill them in when I can.

I also have a few collectible comics. The best ones I have are Spiderman #1 through #23. All unread and in mint condition in protective sleeves. (Please note, I did NOT say "Amazing Spiderman" which is the very first ever)

I also have boxes and boxes of baseball, football, and basketball cards fromthe 70's, 80's, and 90's. I really need to look through these some day and see if there are any gems in there...

I also have some collectible toys as well, but they are opened and I probably aren't worth much. They are in top condition though.


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Pogs. I have collectors edition Pogs that I've had to get shrink-wrapped since the early 90's. WOW... my Pogs have been sitting in the back room for a whole decade. That's just.... WOW. That has to be the longest procrastination on an openly visible chore ever (it's kinda visible... I've certainly passed by it everytime I'm looking for a posterboard and on occasion I've moved it around still preserving the old plastic bag that it's held together in). Wow.... just...... wow..... I feel lazy.


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i have all halo collection i have halo,halo2,hallo multiplayer pack,special edition halo2 and all halo package.Im a Halo fan.:nod: :nod: