Collections (not games or systems) related to Gaming


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There's another thread that everyone has discussed their actual video game collection. Just wondering if anyone else out there has a collection of things related to video games (if anyone else can figure out a better word for this, please pipe in).

I have the complete Super Mario 3 happy meal collection from McDonalds. I have all four toys mint in bag as well as all of the boxes.

Mario - on a spring
Luigi - rolled around
Koopa Paratroopa - jumps with squeezing a bubble
Goomba - did backflips

I also have some of them out of the bag that I still play with every now and then. Especially the Goomba :)


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I remember those things. You were probably better able to collect them since you were probably older when they came out. I barely remember getting them at McDonalds, but I remember using them. I think I only got the Mario one but I used it a lot. Me and my best friend used to run around playing Nerf and Zebra gun wars in the house and we used the Mario one as a time bomb. It was fun.


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i have a few sonic toys from Mc Dons from years ago. i have 1 or 2 Tails [ toy helicopter, you pull the string and he flys ], 1 Sonic [ push button on his mount and he shoots off ] and 1-2 Knuckles [ move him around and his wrists spin, i think ].

i also have the Sonic figures [ Sonic, Knuckles, Tails ] that came with a base and a ring. they look like they're straight from the first DC game, Sonic Adventure.

i have a few Street Fighter figures [ Ken, Blanka, Akuma ].

and i have a MegaMan X model type figure from Japan. you build him yourself and he's super poseable and you can buy new armor for him, it's really sweet.


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Well, my brother has a big butt collection of Transformers. The collection is worth several thousands, and he has somem pretty tite toys. I think that those would be related to gaming.

The only type of collection I own are some Nintendo Character badges and keychains and also some street fighter keychains. If I see some odd/cool knock offs or the real deal, I buy em.


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I am jealous of your brother's collection. I wish mine was worth thousands. I have the Happy Meal toys cause somehow my mom had the idea that I should save them and they would be worth money someday. So, I decided to take it overboard and even save the Super Mario 3 boxes. I have a lot of toys still in the package, but they still are not worth much. I check eBay every now and then and they aren't hot items.

Maybe by the time my son is my age they will be worth something. They will be going to him, after all. I hope that my decision to save the SM3 boxes will pay off someday.


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Erm, actually, Transformers isn't tecnically video-game related. It's a cartoon.

I don't really have many non-game video gaming stuff. The closest thing is a couple Pokemon comics and a Sonic the Hedgehog comic. And I've only got like 8 issues of Pokemon, half of them the same issue for some reason. They probably aren't worth a lot, either.

Oh, wait, I just remembewred: I've a got a bunch of Nintendo Power magazines. However, my subscription ran out years ago and I never bothered to renew it because I lost interest with the PS2 being my main system. Plus, it was really lame the way they gave good scores all the time, because it's a Nintendo magezine about games on Nintendo systems. Luckilly, though, in the more recent issues that I got 2 or 3 free through a special offer, they seem to be changing that and actually giving bad scores to crappy games. So, I may renew my subscription and increase my collection a little.


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madgamer said:
Isn't there a game with Transformers in them? I know the toys came first, but I think there was at least a computer game with them.
there was a nintendo game, it was horrible.

but the cartoon came out way before the game did.


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Wrecked said:
there was a nintendo game, it was horrible.
Usually the farther things get down the marketing chain, the crappier they get as well. Just as true with games that come from other sources as other products that come from games.
I've got a few soundtrack CD's laying around, a little Sonic doll that a friend gave to me, tons of videogame mp3's on my computer, two Ninja Gaiden t-shirts (one old school, one new school), and an Elasto Mania t-shirt (I saw it, laughed, and couldn't resist getting it).