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Collecting PEZ


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Greetings my fellow collectors

I have about 20 or so small Pez dispensers in my collection and 4 giant Talking Pez dispensers.

Do you collect them and what got you started?

I mainly pick up the ones I like but have started to go back and get the older ones from my childhood. My wife recently bought me the Batman 5 pack w/Batman,Two face, Riddler,Penguin and cat woman. Each pez refill pack comes with it's very own colored and labeled wrappers. Pretty cool as a Pez collectible and as a Batman collectible.

So do you collect PEZ?


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I used to love those and I had heaps, and by heaps I mean A LOT! I loved those things to death, and when we moved houses couple of years ago, the box containing it, went missing! I had heaps from Flinstones.


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My son collects them. He has them stapled on the walls of his hallway. They cover both sides the full length of it. It looks cool when you walk through it. Brings back childhood memories for sure.


Son of Liberty
I've come damn close to collecting pez before. But it was one of those things where I started to then decided against it. Mostly because I made the decision that I wasnt passionate about it, that it'd just be me snagging somethign cheap up in hopes it'd be worth a penny more later on. So in the long run I decided against it.

However every now and then I stumble upon these Nascar box of liek 10 different Pex dispensors and I get that itchy finger. Right now I dont need to spend to much money on just every collecting item there is out there, but someday I'm sure when I've got Disposable money I'll venture into the Pez Collections