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Collecting Pennies??


The return shall be legenday!
HAHAHA apparently I cant read or comprehend lol. Yea everything is strictly Canadian coins. I have some pretty neat ones which I'd like to share with everyone, but I actually cant remember what I got and there currently situated in my dad's safe so I cant look them up. Maybe next time I go to my folks i'll ask him to take them out of the safe.


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I have coins from every country I've visited, I've got 3 Mint collections (the year I was born, the year my daughter was born and the year I got married), I've got a half dollar with the year I was born on it, a couple German coins from the WW2 eara and a few Indian Head pennies. That's about it.
Oh! And while we're talking about cash, I've got a $2.00 bill, too!