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Collecting currency


needs practice
I'm not well traveled at ALL so I'm thinking of starting to collect currency from other nations. Kinda fun, right? I'm stll cool, right guys?



Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
There's nothing wrong with collecting currency. You can collect for an entire lifetime and never fill out the collection that you want.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I think it sounds awesome dude...definitely go for it.

I wish I had done something like this as a kid instead of bottle caps haha


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Currency from other countries can make a great collection. It's almost like a souvenir without having to buy anything super expensive (it also doesn't take up a lot of space).

I have collected currency from old Rome, Germany, England, France, Canada, India, and Mexico. I never actually picked any of this up for myself but other people have brought it back for me. People know I collect coins so I guess they assume that I like to collect this kind of stuff :lol:


I'm not a serious collector or anything but over the years I've gathered quite a lot of bank notes and coins from other countries. I still have most of them.


I'm serious
I actually think collecting currency is a great idea. Interesting hobby. I've always had an interest in other countries coins. I have a small collection myself somewhere. :lol:

Zen and dDave, I would be happy to send you some currency from SA if you're interested. Our notes all have Nelson Mandelas face on the one side and an animal on the other (rhino, elephant, etc). And each note is a different color. You might like it. Let me know if you would like me to do that. ;)


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Sounds like it could be fun. I have some currency from the countries which I have visited, but that's about all. And, if you need some currencies from various countries you can PM some of us and ask if we'd be willing to send you some. Nice that our flags are shown, eh! I'd be happy to send you some Japanese coins and/or banknotes if you send me the equivalent in the currency of your country. WOW! A bunch of us can become collectors all at the same time by doing it this way!

Wonder if there is some specific forum somewhere on the web that does this? Regardless, we can do it here if enough people want to do it.


Free Spirit
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I think that would be interesting to have money from different countries. You could frame them together and hang it on your wall. Might make for interesting conversation when you have guests.

Never been big on collecting money from other countries but I did have some Mexican coins and Canadian bills somewhere. I'm more into old coins.


Oh, poppycock.
I think its a neat and easy idea if you go somewhere. I collect shot glasses whereever I go.