Colin Kaepernick to be face of new Nike ad campaign


Son of Liberty
I don't know, alienating many of your fan base wasn't a very good idea by Dick's Sporting Goods. People over 40 buy shirts and shoes too. Hell, I just ordered over $150 from Under Armour this morning. New gym shoes, two dry fit shirts, a pair of dry fit shorts and some black socks, all for the gym. Because some of the stuff I use is getting a little worn out.

In the free market, Nike can hire whomever they please as the face of their ad campaign. More power to them. And I am free to buy Under Armour and shop at Academy. Let's see how this works out for them.


Free Spirit
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Son of Liberty
I'll say this, I prefer Under Armour anyway. They give discounts to veterans and active duty, and to first responders, so I support them. I have bought Nike also. Will I ever again? Probably not. Whoever is head of their marketing right now must have sustained a brain injury recently. It's not a good idea to alienate people, and hiring one of the most controversial figures right now is a good way to alienate people.


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Maybe. That has happened, although it didn't happen to Dick's Sporting Goods. Their sales are still plummeting.
And Target after they made a simple statement about bathroom use on a blog. It's hard to guess what will stick but 2 things: Nike is generally well respected and apolitical company, and people have a lot of anger over the whole kneeling thing.
It's very possible that the outcry from this will far exceeded expectations. I am surprised at some of the people in my Facebook feed that are protesting this. It doesn't matter that they are over 40. Parents buy the shoes. Piss a parent of and the 10 year old ain't getting Nikes.
Personally I don't care. Will still buy Nikes for my kids.
Might be fun to watch what happens though.