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Cold Wine?


Am I the only one who wants the wine to be cold [from the fridge] in order to drink it?
I just bought a bottle of wine now and the first thing I did was to put it in the fridge. I don't care if it's winter or summer.
Whenever I drink wine [red one because I don't like the white one] I want it cold.


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I like red wine to be around 60 F - not cold from the fridge but definitely not room temperature either.

Sometimes I put ice in my white wine because if I drink it fast enough to keep it from warming up too much, I get drunk, and I don't like being drunk.


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Cold is the best way to drink wine, in my opinion. I generally chill my white more than my red. A rule of thumb I learned a while back was white wines should sit in the fridge for 90 minutes before drinking, and reds for 45 minutes. I'm pretty impatient, though, so I generally use the freezer for shorter periods of time.


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White wine is typically chilled while red wine is supposed to be served at room temperature. I only care for white wine, so I guess I'd say I prefer my wine cold.


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I cringe when someone offers me red wine that has been chilled. It has to be room temperature. I prefer my red wine over white, but will have white on the occassion. White has to be cold yes. Even with ice, as Jeanie said. Family friends of ours are wine connoisseurs though and he always gives me red that has been chilled.


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When I drink wine I have white so I'll always have it cold. I like all my drinks to be cold. I'll add ice to soft drinks if need be.


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Despite what many people think, reds aren't supposed to be served at *room* temperature, but rather *cellar* temperature, or slightly above it. Cellar temperature is between 55 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit, but since most people store wine at room temperature, red wine *should* be chilled, but for less time than white wine. As I said earlier, 45 minutes in the fridge gets it right around the target temperature, though the exact timing depends on the kind of wine (Cabernet, for example, should be served closer to 60-65 degrees, so needs less time in the fridge).
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I like all my drinks to be cold...chilled.


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Arf! Loving this topic..

It's first all depends on what wines are we talking about, the point of room cellar temp or room temp will largely depends on which wine we are going to serve.

If you like your red "chilled" and not cold! Gamay or Beaujolais (both are grown in the same region) are perfectly suitable to be serve chilled..(I believe USA produce a small quantities of Gamay in California) it's even recommended, there are low in alcohol, making it perfect to accompanied a afternoon snack..

In all, there are no rules, but more leaving your imagination and senses deciding what please you the most.. :D


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Considering I only like white wine, my win definitely always has to be chilled. I really don't like it when it starts to warm in the glass, but I wouldn't put ice in it, so I just drink faster :)