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Cold this Best Buy did with the Xbox 360s


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PORTLAND -- They say they waited for hours outside a local best buy store to buy the new Xbox 360 then were told the price would be different from what was advertised. Employees say management took advantage of the situation to make more money.
Full Story here


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That is really cheap. Its not from a local game store but from a chain, that is wrong. Its simmilar to what Walmart is doing in I believe 3 states. It just came out in a study that Walmart is over charging 85% of their costumers then what it says on the sales price in three states. One of the states is Cali.


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Wow this ios SO uncool. They RAISED THE PRICE??? I would think they would get fired, isn't that price gouging or something?? If I waited in line with 400 bucks and the found out that the store changed the price to higher, i'd be so pissed. Any lawsuits to come of this, since now everybody sues everyone else, like in that funny southpark episode. Wow this is just totally unacceptable. Sha,e on them..


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ltk9492 said:
I would think they would get fired
They can't get fired. They run the company. That's how they had the ability to raise the price in the first place. Dang greedy jerks.


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Did you guys read the whole article? They didn't price gouge.

They advertised 360s for $299 or $399 (core or full), but then the store only sold Xbox Bundles that included extra games and controllers. They never changed the price of the console itself, they just "chose" not to sell any single systems.

They could get in trouble for advertising single systems and not selling any, but as long as at least one system was sold for the advertised price, then there's really nothing to stop them from only selling bundles.

It's totally and completely unethical and wrong from a moral sense, but they might actually be within their legal rights here. :mad:


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Man, they really were trying to pull some emotional strings in that article with adding the information about what the kid had said. I feel really bad for him.

Almost all those ads will probably say on the bottom, "subject to change without notice" or something like that. It's still not a nice thing to do after people have been waiting in line.